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Chris Belloni

Chris Belloni is socially engaged. He is dedicated to show powerful individuals in his films who strive for social justice and equality. 'The Turkish boat' is his second documentary. Belloni debuted in 2012 with the acclaimed documentary 'I am gay and Muslim'. The film follows several young gay men in Morocco in their quest for their religious and sexual identity. The film has been selected for various international film festivals, amongst in Sydney, Berlin, Istanbul and Sao Paolo.

- The Turkish boat (2013)

Crew 'The Turkish boat':
Director:                 Chris Belloni
Camera:                  Ruben Köster, Chris Belloni
Editor:                    Miguel A. Fernández

Audio correction:     Niek de Wit
Color grading:         31pictures
Music design:          Diederik Rijpstra


'The Turkish boat' is a production of Stichting art.1 and Chris Belloni in co-production with Public Cinema.

   Stichting art.1            Public cinema


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